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Web Design Services

Rockport Web Sites does many activities to create a web site.A good website can be many times more effective than a brochure, delivering the exact type and amount of information that a user desires.


Web-specific design factors:

  • choosing the style, fonts, and other visual elements to make a site appealing,
  • creating catchy graphics or animated images,
  • usability,
  • accessibility.

Web designers are responsible for everything from designing a website's "look and feel" to incorporating features such as

  • e-commerce,
  • search engine optimization,
  • interactive applications,
  • and forms.

Why a Website?

Responsive Design

Rockport Web Sites uses responsive design whenever possible.

You want a website that looks great! But you also want one that works to grow your business.

Brochure Websites

A 'brochure' like website is a website simply designed to give your company a professional representation on the internet.

Owner-Edited Websites

RWS creates the page layout and publishes the site. You enter the content through a content management system - CMS.

Blogs with WordPress

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful blog to share ideas, photos, thoughts or whatever you want.

Re-design and Maintenance

Need a fresh new design? Need your product line updated? New staff members or new address? Let Rockport Web Sites help with those tasks.

Responsive Design

One website and design that can modify itself to being viewed on a TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

SEO for your site

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” search results on search engines.

A website is no longer just an option. It’s a necessity.

Customers expect it. 92% of internet consumers use search engines to conduct research on a company or product. Over 75% research a product online before a purchase, with 72% pushing through with the purchase.

Websites add legitimacy to your company. They act as the face of your company, and can make a strong first impression. A professional site will boost sales even if you do not have an online store.

Make your business available, 24-7. Always having information ready and purchasing capabilities available is crucial to your success.

Meaningful and long lasting customer interactions are just a click away with a website. Use this tool to communicate product launches as well as promotional deals to your customers. Websites make it easy to maintain a relationship with your clients.